Block Chain Projects

Here I collect some examples of projects using Block Chain Technology.

Design and architecture of following projects architecture involves block chains, but contrary to the Bitcoin - where the block chain transactions are mainly (except of a number experimental uses) used to "to send money between accounts", projects like Ethereum and Eris have wider implementation.

To put it simple - transactions don't necessarily have to represent money, or correspond to a monetary value. Like a language , they can represent anything which needs to be authentic and verifiable and communicated eg:

  • Law
  • Peer-reviewed scientific papers
  • other large number of possible uses

Here we will cover in more depth a number of such projects:

Building Utopia is an arts project using block chain technology for a decentralised consensus simulation of political and economic system.

Other projects involving blockchain technology. We haven't personally met developers teams behind following projects, so can't verify their status: