(Part of) dev team at Ethereum Dev Con, Berlin 2014

Web 3.0 publishing platform. Purpose of Ethereum is to decentralise the Web. Read more on Wikipedia and Ethereum forum

Referred to as a secure decentralised generalised ledger see

Roughly speaking, Blockchain Technology in Ethereum is used differently from Bitcoin and serves different purposes.

Ethereum is a project aiming to decentralize the internet and return it to its democratic roots. It is a platform for building and running applications which do not need to rely on trust and cannot be controlled by any central authority -

Ethereum is a blockchain-based virtual machine and Web 3.0 platform featuring stateful user-created digital contracts and a Turing-complete contract programming language. Ethereum uses its underlying network unit, Ether, as payment to execute Ethereum contracts as a workaround to the halting problem. In this respect, Ethereum is unlike most cryptocurrencies, as it is not solely a network for transacting monetary value, rather, it is a network for powering Ethereum-based contracts - Wikipedia

Ether Camp Hackathon is an online hackathon organised by Roman which took place Dec 1st - 5th 2015.

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